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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 29, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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stand 'n stuff chicken tacos. ♪ you say what's for dinner? old el paso says your realtime captioner is mrs. linda marie macdonald ♪[ music ] family, friends and colleagues came together today to remember detective sergeant tommy smith. a bart police officer killed by a fellow detective in a tragic accident. >> a grateful community is paying their respects.
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hi, everyone. good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. just moments ago, officers lined outside the church for the final salute to sergeant tom smith as they carried his coffin into the hearse following funeral services. anne makovec joins us from outside the church in castro valley. >> reporter: the service did just let out. you can see a multitude of attendees here behind me outside of the church. speaking today inside the funeral, bart police chief kenton rainey as well as smith's own brother, who is an officer with newark pd. [ bagpipes ] >> reporter: bart police sergeant tommy smith's body in a flag-draped coffin was removed from the hearse and taken into the neighborhood church of castro valley as officers from all over the bay
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area and california looked on. smith's wife and his daughter filed past the crowd this morning for the funeral they never saw coming. smith's brothers are also law enforcement officers. the family that never said good- bye to each other, instead stay safe. sergeant smith was 42 years old. he was shot january 21 during a probation search in an apartment in dublin as officers looked for items stolen during a holdup at a train station. the detective michael maes also attended the funeral today. sheriff's investigators haven't said whether maes' weapon was accidentally discharged or if it was mistaken identity. dannie is an old friend and classmate. she helped rally dozens of current students from hayden's morro catholic high school to honor him as the procession went past. >> i could not believe somebody as vibrant and alive and beautiful as tommy was gone so
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quickly. >> reporter: and this was the sight when the procession arrived, two alameda county fire trucks holding a large american flag marking the entrance to the church parking lot filled with law enforcement vehicles some who knew smith, many who didn't, all here to honor him today. the family really wanted this to be a celebration o his life. there was some laughter and some tears. burial is next a more private family affair. live in castro valley, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> thank you. for more on the tribute to sergeant smith, you can head to our website, also at noon we're keeping an eye on the skies for rain and monitoring some tidal flooding. take a look. we have a high tide this morning flooding parts of the shoreline highway over in mill valley. the roadway still passable but drivers are slowing down as they head through some of that water there. as for the rain, let's check in
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with meteorologist lawrence karnow and his hi-def doppler. it's coming. >> right? >> reporter: yes. not huge but a significant storm this year now rolling into the bay area a lot of clouds. we have had some reports of drizzle and our hi-def doppler radar is picking up on a couple of raindrops most located in the north bay. you can see heavier rainfall toward cloverdale all going to be sliding south as we head throughout the afternoon so the commute on the ride home maybe a little touch and go as we see rain picking up in parts of the south bay. along the 101 you can see it north of healdsburg. we have rainfall there. more is expected overnight tonight and into tomorrow. just how much rain could we expect? we'll tell you coming up in a couple of minutes. >> thank you. more communities are taking steps now to reduce their water use in the midst of all this drought. the santa clara valley water district have approved a goal to reduce water by some 10% usage. tougher medicine up in the north bay. marin municipal water district will require 25% water cuts from its customers.
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they set that to take effect in april. 17 communities across california could run out of water within 60 to 120 days. the "mercury news" reports state and federal officials are working on solutions. they could include money for new wells and trucking and water. the water systems are all in rural areas and include parts of santa cruz and sonoma county. the national guard spent much of the day rescuing people trapped in their cars in the south. a rare blast of severe weather is crippling that reaming. atlanta saw more than two inches of snow. that caused major traffic jams. people simply left cars and took shelter overnight in schools, churches and grocery stores. military humvees were deployed to move stranded vehicles. the stock market is lower after bad news from major u.s. companies and the fed. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks joins us live to explain why investors are so spooked. >> reporter: a couple of reasons for the sell-off today
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including the federal reserve deciding to trim its monthly bond purchases by another $10 billion down to $65 billion not a big surprise. but the market rally over the past few years was fueled by those stimulus plans naturally pulling back a little bit from that. also concerns over emerging markets. turkey spooking markets this time by raising interest rates to boost its struggling currency. then you have corporator, that just are not impressing -- corporate earnings that are just not impressive investors, yahoo's stock is down and boeing which had a good quarter is down because its current quarter guidance is weaker than expected. it adds up to heavy selling on wall street. it's not pretty. dow down 181, nasdaq down 45, s&p moving lower by 18 points. yahoo shares down over 8%. and boeing is down by 5.5%. michelle, back to you. >> does not sound good. all right, jason brooks from kcbs news, thank you. president obama hitting the road to promote the economic ideas he talked about in his state of the union address.
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his first stop, a costco in maryland. the president praising the company's ceo for paying employees nearly three times the federal minimum wage there. president obama will continue his tour with stops in pennsylvania and off to wisconsin and tennessee. now, reaction to the state of the union generally positive in our heavily democratic state. according to our exclusive kpix 5 surveyusa poll 53% have confidence in president obama to lead the nation. 40% do not with 7% undecided. a pit bull that apparently attacked a map in golden gate park has been captured. as kpix 5's cate caugiran reports, the dog hunt went all night and morning. >> reporter: park-goers can breathe a sigh of relief. police found the pit bull early this morning. this is cleo and another pit bull frisco attacked two men tuesday night into 25th and lincoln way. the two dogs belonged to a man
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who set up camp in the park. he leavitt a dog with friends to go to the store and that's when they attacked the friend. when the owner came back the dogs attacked him too. a witness heard chaos and screaming and saw the attack happen. >> the police came in and set up like a firing line. so the dog kept going further into the park and coming back so the second time they came back, the black dog was close enough sitting on the table when the policeman shot him. >> frisco was shot and killed by officers after they arrived. one victim suffered multiple bites and was taken to the hospital. he is in stable condition. the other victim declined medical care on the scene. san francisco's animal control says they plan to hold a hearing to determine what will happen to cleo, whether they will rehabilitate her or
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euthanize her. cate caugiran, kpix 5. coming up, a new report questions the conclusion that a teenager on board asiana flight 214 died when she was run over by city firefighters. today the coroner responds to allegations that he got it wrong. >> a new york congressman under fire for threatening a reporter after the state of the union. what set him off. >> hey there, 49er fans. if you are still getting over the loss to you know who, there's a t-shirt with four words on it that might help with the healing process. i'm kiet do. we have that story coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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threatened a reporter following a brief interviewt the nation's capitol. and the cameras were still roll the reporter was trying to k tions u.s. congressman michael grimm physically threatened a reporter at the nation's capital. the reporter was trying to ask grimm about allegations
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concerning his campaign finances something grimm clearly did not want to talk about. a relaxing cruise vacation >> not good. after first defending his actions, congressman grimm publicly apologized today. a relaxing cruise vacation turned out to be a big nightmare for hundreds of passengers when a highly contagious stomach virus sickened more than 600 people on board the royal caribbean cruise ship. it returned to port in new jersey this morning cutting vacations short for thousands of passengers. health officials boarded the ship in the virgin islands making the decision to send the ship back to port. they suspect norovirus was the outbreak. san francisco and san mateo county officials disagree on how one passenger died following the asiana plane crash. the city admits that first ran over 16-year-old ye meng yaun twice. but in a new report, the city attorney denies she was alive at the time of the rollovers despite what the coroner says from san mateo county.
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experts say the city is likely building a defense against the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the victim's family. >> as tragic as it was that her body was mutilated by the fire engine, they did not cause her death. therefore she has no claim against the city and county of san francisco. >> the question of how she died could be answered by a jury if the case gets that far. experts say it's likely this case will be settled. the san mateo county coroner responded to kpix 5 about the city attorney's report. the coroner stands by his decision that the victim was run over by a vehicle. a man is in the hospital now after a bad fall during a family picnic in san rafael. about 5:00 last night, the man fell off the cliff at china camp state park landing 30 feet below. firefighters say he was in his 30s, unconscious when a coast guard helicopter hoisted him back up the cliff. another helicopter flew him to the hospital. no word on his condition. oakland city council members ran into a roadblock when they tried to move ahead
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with plans for a surveillance center. got a little heated. opponents showed up to point out a problem with the contractor that may be hired to finish phase 2 of the city. schneider electric's website says the company is involved in nuclear weapons work. oakland municipal code does not allow cities to hire such companies. schneider electric says it's been a decade since it was involved in nuclear programs. but the committee did not approve the company for the project and sent the issue to the full city council. four words are bringing 9er nation together heading into super bowl sunday. >> anyone but the seahawks. that's become the catch phrase taking over the bay area. one woman is help kiet do and all 9ers fans get over the nfc championship loss. 49ers fans will have to answer come sunday. what to wear to the super bowl party? >> don't you ever talk about me! >> talk about me, talk about me, talk about me, talk about me -- [ echo ]
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>> reporter: whatever you decide, at the very least, make it red and gold. >> hi! >> reporter: hi. for this business owner, the answer came after watching richard sherman's post-game interview. [ screaming at the top of his lungs ] >> i looked at my boys and my husband and i said, anybody but the seahawks. that's what came out of my mouth, anybody but the seahawks, because i didn't want his behavior to be validated. >> reporter: the catch phrase was born in seconds. the design took a few hours, printing two days but the rivalry will go on for years. at first they had go broncos on the bottom but her son convinced her to take it off so 9ers fans could wear it all year long. would you say the t-shirt is passive-aggressive? >> you could say that it's slightly passive-aggressive. that was probably passive- aggressive answer. >> reporter: they are now selling 250 t-shirts a day both at her store out of the envelope in los gatos, and on at, where else --
12:16 pm for this mother of 7 kids, the t-shirts are a way of getting payback. >> when you have 6 sons and some of them were bullied, it really affected me and when this hit me on sunday after the game, it took me back to when my kids were younger and i said, not okay. not okay. not okay. [ laughter ] >> genius, right? [ laughter ] >> 10% of the proceeds go to anti-bullying charities. kiet do, kpix 5. >> you want two? >> two! right? >> to find out how to get your shirt, we are posting a link on our website at >> i'm going to order one for you and for lawrence. >> anything but dry weather. that's what i want! >> there's that. scattered showers showing up outside. looks like a cloudy day as we are seeing finally a cold front
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return to the bay area. our hi-def doppler radar is tracking showers now. so far we have seen drizzle to the south so it's been damp on the roads but the main rain is still located up to the north. now, this is all going to slowly sag to the south throughout the afternoon. and then overnight tonight the front will sweep on through bringing rain to the rest of the bay area. it's been kind of hung up. a ridge of high pressure just to the south of it so much of far northern california gets to eureka and redding, they have seen a lot of rain but we are waiting for the ridge to break down. that's beginning to happen. so throughout the afternoon, a lot of clouds. we will see light showers popping up and cloudy tonight rain spreading south and showers should come to an end and friday looking mostly dry and a dry start to the weekend too. right now, though, cloudy, the rain will begin to sag south and the jet stream will drag right through the bay area and that will support the system finally going to see some rain developing later on tonight. not the biggest storm we have ever seen, definitely not a drought buster but face to see the rain make a return. headed to the high country, winter storm warnings are up.
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could see up to 2 feet of snow across the higher peaks. tomorrow morning, maybe about 6" of snow at lake level at tahoe, wouldn't that be nice to see? here in the bay area we are watching the storm system slide through. that will bring with it some rain tonight. we are going to time it out. you can see the front dragging through 2 a.m. right through the heart of the bay area. then sliding to the south overnight tonight. maybe a little bit wet scattered showers into early tomorrow morning. rain amounts not impressive but up to half inch in the wet part of the north bay, 10th inch south bay. temperatures today 50s and 60s. fairly mild. we are going to see rain the next couple of days. sunset 5:30. sunrise tomorrow 7:15. on the forecast, looks like some much-needed rain overnight tonight into tomorrow. then tapering off to dry weather beginning on saturday. return of a couple of showers
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near the coastline just a slight chance as we head into sunday. we haven't hardly seen any rainfall so the hills are still very brown. roberta gonzales is still talking fire danger in the east bay. hey, roberta. >> reporter: currently 57 degrees right here, lawrence, in sunol. southwest winds at 6 miles per hour. many people aren't familiar with this rural community in the eastern portion of our bay area. population 1,000. we have fremont to the south, pleasanton to the north. livermore to the northeast. right here, i have battalion chief of cal fire, mike martin. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> in 30 years of cal fire here we are at fire station 14 you're adding additional resources to your unit because it is extremely dry. have you ever seen it this dry before? >> never. unprecedented. it's historical. >> reporter: and so tell me, we're beefing up resources as far as rigs and manpower around the bay area but what can i do as a homeowner?
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? >> fuel conditions are the same as late fall, which everybody equates to the end of fire season. we never left the end of fire season. it continues to be critically dry so all those people who did clearance around their houses prior to this fire season, they're good. anybody that didn't needs to catch up and they will just be ready to start almost the new cycle coming up. >> reporter: so i find this remarkable. this time of year which is typical to say clean out the gutters, what are we saying? >> we're saying be careful with fire and if you don't have clearance, get your clearance done. >> reporter: to know more about the incoming system, a tenth to quarter inch would that help -- > no. >> reporter: not much. but we'll take what we can get at this particular time. follow and track the incoming system at reporting for mobile weather in sunol, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. it was one of the most memorable moments at the grammy awards. hear from a bay area newlywed who tied the knot in front of the world coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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just about music this year.. a bay area couple was among 33 ... who said "i do" at t show a whole lot more than music went on at the grammys 24 year. 33 couples got married at the award. >> i couldn't help but start crying when i saw the first couple of people tearing up when i saw keith urban crying like a baby. [ music ] >> brandon and his partner were married by queen lateefah. they got a call from a casting agent last fall inviting them to exchange vows on tv. they used to be on a reality
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show and the agent kept their name on file. they are also planning a private ceremony in tahoe next year. an unusual tribute to pope francis is drawing attention. the story behind the mural that appeared near the vatican. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ee or how to find big savingsdeals on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. you'll find huge club card deals perfr the big game. pizza's a football favorite. digiorno pizza is $3.99. get your snack on. wheat thins and other nabisco crackers are just $1.50 a box. and dreyer's ice cream is only $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. quite the crowd. at the center of the painti? pope francis. this giant mural appeared oa most graffiti isn't usually welcomed but there's one mural near the vatican drawing a crowd. pope francis at the center of the painting. this giant mural appeared on a wall near the vatican and now
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it's being called superpope. pope francis is likened to superman in flight with his rosary and cape in tow. the vatican seems to approve. it's already tweeted a picture of the artwork. so if they say it's okay, i guess. >> comical. >> i don't see the pope in that light. >> i like that. he's a great pope. >> like the great karnow. >> yes. >> might be a little greater than me. >> only you would put those two together. >> we are going to get rain. >> yeah. a few showers. enjoy. captions by: caption colorado
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>> hope: cocktails and camping. who knew? >> wyatt: mm-hmm. did you notice? >> hope: mm? >> wyatt: the drinks -- emerald drinks, emerald bay. >> hope: [ laughs ] >> wyatt: get it? >> hope: i get it. >> wyatt: [ chuckles ] [ chuckles ] >> charlie: emerald bay. that's a surfing spot, isn't it? >> liam: yeah. yeah. south of here on pch. >> charlie: hey, hey, hey. maybe that's it.


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